Yesterday: the Launch Trailer!

21 Mar 2012

Yesterday, the new adventure game from Pendulo, releases tomorrow in retail and digital stores! To celebrate this event, we are pleased to present the launch trailer for the game! The new adventure game from Pendulo, creators of the million-selling Runaway trilogy, today debuted its launch trailer, before letting players discover Yesterday tomorrow!

This video immerses players at the heart of an original and dark thriller. Yesterday will take players around the world, as they try to unveil the incredible mystery surrounding the amnesiac John Yesterday, discovering connections among the strange mark which scars his hand, a dangerous and murderous cult, and a philanthropic young billionaire. Discover the big cast of colorful and shady characters, the dark ambiance and the twisting, turning story – players will not emerge unscathed!

Yesterday will be released tomorrow in retail and digital stores!

- Watch the video

- Download the video (76.3MB)

- Download the press kit (22.3MB)

- Visit the official website