The Council's Complete Season and Episode 5: Checkmate downloadable December 4 on all platforms!

22 Nov 2018
Louis de Richet must take the final steps on deciding his path – and the fate of the world

Complete Season and fifth episode of The Council, thenarrative adventure game redefining the genre with RPG mechanics and consequences for every choice, release December 4 on PS4, Xbox One & PC digital stores. See two exclusive new screenshots of episode 5 and look back at the key moments that punctuated the whole season!

Episode 5: Checkmate brings all your decisions, mistakes, and victories to the fore as Louis’ alliances, enemies, and family all come together for a climactic confrontation. Who will win, and can the De Richets survive the island in the end?

The Council has already enthralled players and press alike with a deep and captivating story featuring intricate characters and smart writing. The innovative concept brings the genre beyond its boundaries and allows formeaningful choices with impactful consequences.

Finish the adventure in The Council Episode 5: Checkmate, where kings fall, pawns rise, and the choice, as always, is yours.

If you already downloaded the Complete Season or the Season Pass, you can play Episode 5 on December 4. Episode 5, will be available for download on PlayStation and Xbox digital stores as a single episode two days later, on December 6.

The Council Episode 5: Checkmate, releases December 4 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC digital stores. The Complete Season contains all five episodes.