Associate Producer / Release Manager


As part of Production Team, you will work on our Consoles and PC titles. Monitoring schedule, you will be helping on the Certification Process and the game release.


- Coordinating with Production Team on game development, monitoring schedule and development milestones.
- Providing support on certification topics to ensure games are compliant with PC and consoles technical requirements.
- In contact with developer teams, marketing department and First Party partners : Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Valve.
- Making recommendations to prevent project risks

Skills and Qualifications

- Bac +4/5 in project management. Management or Engineering school
- 1 year of experience in the video game industry
- Meticulous, organized and able to work on multiple projects at the same time.
- Knowledge of TRCs/XRs and certification process
- You will work with international partners, so you need to be fluent in English.


CV, cover letter, website or portfolio.


- Long term CDD.


If you'd like to apply, please send a resume and a cover letter to: