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Tour de France 2014

Would you like to relive the sensations of a professional rider in the “Grande Boucle”? Embark on an incredible virtual Tour de France 2014 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®!

In Tour de France 2014 you select one of the official teams taking part in this supreme test of endurance, and compete as one of the riders in a bid to conquer the Holy Grail: the yellow jersey! Go on a reconnaissance trip of the day’s stage, decide the composition of your team and the rider with whom you will start the race, and then launch into the epic stages: the English countryside, the route through London with its iconic landmarks, a cobbled stage in northern France feared by all riders, grueling mountain stages or a solo time trial that could indeed decide the winner!

Manage your effort in the race, attack, set the pace in the peloton and change rider at any time, depending on your strategy. Issue orders to your riders: relay, protect, break away to gain a foothold for the final climb, give the sprint order to your team mate to win the green jersey, or form alliances with your competitors… anything is possible in Tour de France 2014!

The new animations, new commentary from your presenters and sporting director along with the improved graphics will take you on an even more immersive Tour. The new gameplay on the descent, the stage reconnaissance and the Career mode option, where you can recruit new riders for your team every year, guarantee a breathtaking ride in this 2014 edition!

Key features:
  • Take part in an exceptional Tour de France 2014 and compete for the yellow jersey!
  • Race on stages full of adrenaline where you challenge the greatest champions
  • Realistic gameplay to feel all the sensations of a real Le Tour rider!
  • A complete Pro Tour mode in which you recruit new riders to win the future editions of Le Tour
Tour de France 2014
Tour de France 2014
PS4, PS3, X360
Release date
Cyanide Studio
Focus Home Interactive

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