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Shiness is an Action-RPG developed by French independent studio Enigami, promising to take you on a journey through an enthralling universe on the verge of collapse, following the fragmentation of planet Mahera... Play as Chado and his companions, traveling through the Celestial islands on their flying ship. After crash-landing on one of the most hostile of the Celestial islands, you find yourself in the middle of a conflict across multiple kingdoms. However, this volatile situation might find a peaceful outcome, with Chados newfound unique ability to perceive and communicate with the "Shiness", a mysterious spirit imbued with magic.

Key features:
  • Travel through an enthralling and interactive world as Chado and his 4 companions, and develop your characters.
  • Hyper-dynamic combat mixing magic with combos, parries, and blocks like a traditional arena fighter.
  • Develop 2 types of skills (physical attacks and magic) and unlock new talents and spells Explore and interact with a vast world made of multiple environments thanks to you and your companions special powers and skills.
  • Numerous quests and side-quests will give you the opportunity to develop your characters and their reputation.