Le Tour de France 2012

The Tour de France is back on consoles!
Developed by Cyanide Studio, who proved themselves for more than 10 years in the genre of cycling simulation with Pro Cycling Manager on PC, Tour de France is back on consoles after seducing a large public last year. This year, Tour de France 2012 offers a richer, improved experience, and many new novelties that will please all cycling fans, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!

Play as a professional cyclist, and throw yourself in the most prestigious cycling competition: the Tour de France! Finely mixing simulation and action, Tour de France offers you to challenge all the biggest cycling champions on the leading race of the season! Get the best out of your teammates, and form alliances with other teams and their rider to win a stage, or battle for the famous Yellow Jersey! 21 stages, full of tension and adrenaline, await you: the turns of events in the mountains, the fierce sprint battles at the finish lines… all has been made so that you live, intensively, the Tour de France just like a real cycling champion!

2012, the year of consecration!
  • New: the Tour de France now playable in multiplayer!
    Ever more adrenaline! Claim the first place of the leader boards in intense battles!
  • An improved AI, adapting itself to all situations
    You will have the impression to face real riders, conscient of their physical condition, and their strengths and weaknesses. The strategy of opponent teams are ever more formidable!
  • Graphical improvement, new models for riders and cycles!
    Thanks to finer textures, this year’s edition is more beautiful than ever and takes place in a more varied landscape: flora, buildings, scenery objects and spectators are more numerous! Thousands of miles of roads have been modeled, decorated, animated and are now more detailed than ever!
  • A broader range of strategic options during the races
    Added to a large choice of orders and actions, you will now be able to organize the protection of your leader, ask for help when you fall or experience a flat tire, or give free hand to the AI on parts of the race’s strategy!
  • A new database editor
    Modify and update the teams according to the real-life evolution of the season, and share your data with a memory card!
Le Tour de France 2012
PS3, X360
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Cyanide Studio
Focus Home Interactive

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