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Final Exam

Final Exam for PC, PSN and Xbox LIVE is a pure, action-rich 2.5D side-scroller, drenched in the blood and caustic humor inspired by the teen and horror movie genres. Playable alone and in cooperative mode (local & online), Final Exam lets you play as one of four unlikely heroes; students, each with unique skills and abilities that develop throughout the adventure. Geared toward action and all-out brawling, Final Exam's combat emphasizes combos, follow-up attacks, and score-multipliers! Survive against packs of monsters trying to skin you alive, discover new weapons, and complete objectives throughout a variety of huge, non-linear levels. Overshooting the scores will earn you experience points to level your character up, unlocking new weapons, skills, and other devastating abilities! At any time, you can even get back to some of earlier levels to try your new toys and beat your scores! Final Exam rises to an entirely different scale in multiplayer. In cooperative mode, up to four players (local and online) team up to survive. Split up to fill your objectives as fast as possible, or stay together in a cohesive team to increase your chances of survival! Video game veterans will certainly recognize the license, Final Exam; the survival-horror game from Hydravision that terrorized over a million players in the middle of the last decade. Comprised of some of the original developers, Mighty Rocket Studio has been hard at work on this project for over a year. Despite the completely different style of gameplay, Mighty Rocket Studio's new game embraces its origins and incorporates many familiar elements of the survival-horror genre; sparse ammunition, limited supplies of health kits, and the oppressive feeling of constant danger in a universe where gruesome creatures may suddenly appear out of nowhere! Final Exam fans will feel right at home, and will even get to visit the famous Leafmore High School and meet some of the previous characters from the series. Final Exam will release on PC, PSN and Xbox LIVE in 2013!