Focus Home Interactive acquires long-time partner Deck13 Interactive

30 June 2020
Focus Home Interactive are delighted to announce their first studio acquisition, after acquiring leading German developers Deck13 Interactive in a continuation of their long, successful partnership. Deck13 Interactive has already developed major successes such as The Surge franchise with Focus Home Interactive, and both teams already look forward to even more exciting creative collaborations ahead. In addition, Focus Home Interactive has acquired Deck13’s publishing service for indie developments, opening up the group to exciting new opportunities.

Luc Heninger, Chief Production Officer of Focus Home Interactive, announced: “Deck13 is a long-standing partner with incredible creative and technical qualities. Thanks to this acquisition, we now have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen this partnership even further. We have always shared the same values and passion, and our collaboration will bring life to exciting new projects.

Jan Klose, Managing Director and co-founder of Deck13, added: “I am delighted to announce that Deck13 is now part of Focus Home Interactive. Our companies have been working together successfully since 2015, developing award winning brands such as The Surge. We are looking forward to leveraging the incredible capabilities of Focus Home Interactive to develop new successes. We are currently working on an amazing, unannounced new franchise that we can’t wait to share with the world.
Focus Home Interactive
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